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Valery Reva is an actress and performer from Ukraine based in London. Prior to moving to the UK to complete MA Acting course in Mountview (graduated in 2022), Valery grew up and trained in Ukraine where she received a BA degree and subsequently went on to spend ten years working professionally within TV and theatre, including two years as a company member of the Lesya Ukrainka National Theatre in Kyiv.
Theatre credits include the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2023), the Camden Fringe (2023), Sujirya Theatre (Kyiv, 2020-2021), Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Drama Theatre (Kyiv, 2017-2019), "Black Square" Improv Theatre (2011-2013). Screen Credits include Commercials and TV Series, such as "Call" (2021, Ukraine), " Track" (2020, Ukraine), "Blood Brothers" (2019, Ukraine).
Monologue Reel
'Medea' Written by Euripides and Translated by Ben Power
Valery embarked on her theatre making journey 15 years ago, initiating improvised shows at Theatre Black Square in Kyiv. This early experience laid the groundwork for her distinctive approach to theatre, prioritising spontaneity and creativity in the creative process.
As Valery's career progressed, she delved into devising, showcasing her ability to collaboratively create and shape performances. A notable example of this was "Alice’s Dreams" at Suzirya Theatre in Kyiv, a contemporary reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll’s "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." These skills were also applied while directing student shows in the Black Square Drama Studio.
In the MA Acting programme at Mountview, Valery crafted her first solo performance, 'Please (no) Trauma,' delving into the complexities of trauma on and off the stage. This experience paved the way for her debut as a writer with 'in|Secure,' initially presented and well-received at the Kaleidoscope Theatre Festival in February.

'in|Secure' is a darkly comic one-woman show that challenges audiences with poignant questions about the ongoing War in Ukraine – questions that may be uncomfortable but are essential to explore. Through the performance, Valery asks the audience to ponder profound moral dilemmas: Does a refugee, striving to feed her child, have more or less right to share her story than a soldier on the front lines? In times of conflict and crisis, when lives are at stake, are we allowed to miss posting selfies to Instagram or sipping a cup of takeaway coffee? Who holds the permission to complain, and who deserves to feel the weight of guilt?
The show delves into the heart of 21st-century warfare, where individual narratives play as significant a role, if not more so, than traditional media. The stories in "in|Secure" are drawn from the experiences of Valery's own Facebook friends, individuals who shared their stories online and, like any content online, faced judgment and commentary.
This show is a unique blend of audience participation, music, comedy and vulnerable drama: it underscores the complexity of surviving war without a universally accepted playbook.
"In|Secure" has already garnered critical acclaim and audience attention. It enjoyed runs at the Golden Goose Theatre, participated in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and featured in the London Camden Fringe, receiving good reviews from both critics and the audience.
Drama Tutor
Valery is a dedicated and versatile Drama Tutor with a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching. Since 2017, she has worked with groups and provided one-on-one tutelage for a range of ages. Her journey in the field of education and drama has taken her across several countries, providing her with a unique blend of pedagogical and practical skills.
Valery's experience includes serving as a drama tutor at diverse educational institutions and theater organisations, including: CK Summer Stage School and Camp (Burgas, Bulgaria), The Conservatoire, Blackheath (London, UK), Les Kurbas Center (Kyiv, Ukraine), Drama Studio "Black Square" (Kyiv, Ukraine), Self-made Artschool (Kyiv, Ukraine).
Valery's teaching expertise encompasses a wide array of areas, including Drama, Text Analysis, Character Work, Voice, Improvisation, Acting for Camera, Audition Preparation, Monologues, Scene Work, Improvisation, Public Speaking, and various acting techniques such as Chekhov, Stanislavski, Lee Strasberg, Meisner, Katie Mitchell, Practical Aesthetics, and more.
Comprehensive Expertise
Strong background in both education and drama that equips her with flexibility in applying various techniques
Tailored Approach
Adaptability in tailoring the teaching techniques to meet the unique needs of individual students
Passion and Enthusiasm
Wholehearted dedication to assisting each student in reaching their full potential